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ExcelNgo is a tutor app that connects users with tutors in real time via our proprietary peer to peer connection system. We are a smart tutor app that will allow you to connect with tutors of all kinds, such as math, music, and language. It’s never been easier to connect with a tutor, simply:




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  • Use the map to find a Tutor near you.
  • Post a lesson request and wait for the proposals of different Tutors.
  • Learn all you need to pass tests.
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ExcelNgo is an app for private tutors. With ExcelNgo it’s easy to become a local tutor and be your own boss. The integrated map on our tutoring app will allow you to connect with your students easily. Whether you are a math tutor, music tutor, or any other type of tutor, you are welcome to teach with our app.

Make Good Money

Make Good Money

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Be Your Own Boss

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Manage Your Agenda

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We love the modern day entrepreneur, that's why we developed ExcelNgo. Our digital tutor app is designed from the ground up as an app for private tutors. We are a platform that will allow you to connect to students easily, and seamlessly within our app. We will not take a cut of your lessons.

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We draw inspiration from the modern gig economy. We believe that every tutor deserves to be in charge of their own schedule, and every student should be able to easily reach out to a tutor within our app.

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By signing up with ExcelNgo you become your own boss. Much like owning your own business, you are free to set your own hours and get paid through the app. Sign up today